I first went to see singer/songwriter T-Bird perform in a small venue on the island of St. John, USVI. She commanded the stage, strumming her acoustic guitar with authority, singing powerful original songs. A true-hearted woman singing with voice big and bold, then soft and sweet. A voice of experience, who sings what she knows, and knows what she sings. Her deep grass roots acoustic rock, keen lyric, and gift for storytelling shine on her latest album “The Heart Will Remember” recorded at Studio K, a small island space since blown away by hurricane Irma. On the album, releasing March 5, 2021, we hear this voice, honed from her days in Appalachia and years writing and performing on St. John. We hear deep connection with long time friend and guitarist Gregg Jones. In 2006, her debut album “Come And See” produced by Jones, introduced us to this rising talent. On “The Heart Will Remember,” we hear her lifted ever higher by the talents of her diverse ensemble. On “Speak Your Mind,” she sings, “won’t you please come into view;” in her music, we have her in full view, and can truly appreciate her spirit, and the musical worlds around her. T-Bird exemplifies resilience, whether it be a lost love, a category five hurricane, or the challenges in the face of a pandemic. As the world faces these challenges together, as we strive for a harmony of all people, the undying need for connection, love, and hope live and breathe in her song. 

-C.L January, 2021