Single "Speak Your Mind" released December 30, 2020

“Speak Your Mind”

Hypnotic acoustic guitar fingerpicking, true to heart lyric, and a dignified plea to know someone deeper:  “I want so badly, to know what you’re thinking, but there’s that shadow over you...”  We are drawn into “Speak Your Mind,” an emotionally charged ballad from T-Bird’s “The Heart Will Remember” album.  Backing her guitar and rich vocal, piano speaks plainly with subtle electric guitar while the cello and violin hum.  In "Speak Your Mind" we come to know perhaps the driving theme behind the album- an honest reaching out from one heart to another.  As the denouement eases in, we hear the ensemble surge as she sings…  “and I’ve been trying, to read your mind, won’t you please come into view.”  Echoes ring, and we are left with feelings eloquently evoked, liberating calm, beauty, and a sense that what needed to said, has just been spoken.